Training and Incubation
Music education and rehabilitation

Invest in Talents

  • Teaching piano
  • Teaching violin
  • Teaching lute instrument
  • Teaching classical and electric guitars
  • Teaching zither
  • Teaching cello machine
  • Teaching flute
  • Teaching clarinet
  • Teaching flute instrument
  • Teaching organ instrument
  • Teaching Rababa machine
  • Teaching arts of vocal performance
  • Music digital and virtual education
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Features of Talent Incubator Center

Talent Incubator Center is distinguished from others by the nature of qualification, learning and training, which is represented in the incubation of talents and the admission system in the center. Where Talent Incubator Center for Musical Sciences does not set special conditions or obstacles that limit the practice of the beloved hobby of its trainees in accepting its trainees. In addition to the independence in receiving training, along with many advantages such as the section for people with special needs and the children's music section

Talent Incubator Center methodology

Individual rehabilitation, which extends for more than 30 hours for a period of two months

Group training, which extends for more than 200 hours

Empowerment for the level of professionalism, which extends to more than 500 hours

Artist business management