Discover creating and nurturing of talents

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Talents discovery

Talents discovery is represented in putting talents on the right track and discovery, means that we come out in public with something that is already there but is only revealed.

This comes within the 2030 vision for developing and discovering talented people to advance society, and that the talents discovery become an inevitable necessity and the race for excellence has made it necessary for us to invest every talent within the country to put them on the right path, especially since Saudi Arabia is vast and contains many cultures and races, and that human element is the most important element in this process. And here we mean that talents can be discovered among those who have an innate talent in a specific field, and the talent incubator races against time in support of innovation, leadership and creativity.

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Manufacture of Talents

Creating and refining talents is creating something and is considered as an industry, and requires an unconventional and costly investment. We, in the Talent Incubator, think in more modern ways through specific means and tools. Usually the discovery of talents begins by parents and family and then by neighborhood schools and the non-profit third sector by opening the doors for dialogue and discussion with them from a period to another. And the talent is a blessing from God who He gives to whomever He pleases, and to preserve it, it must be supported through education, training and mastery based on the aspirations of the talents, which are based on the ability of the talent incubator to help the talent in case he joins the talent incubator, and by discovering traits and skills by designing experiences, developing activities and enabling programs of Corporate social responsibility in addition to providing psychological, social and health care for them and developing counseling programs that guarantee them an integrated psychological, mental and social growth, and some ways to care for the talents are encouraged and given opportunities for talented people to express their capabilities and talents, motivate parents for their talented children and provide them with capabilities as much as possible and revitalize their minds by directing Questions that illuminate their thinking, such as neighborhood schools, museums, science centers, and permanent interactive exhibitions that attract visitors as well as a full range of programs, events, galleries, spaces and laboratories for the talent incubator, digital manufacturing, spaces to stimulate inspiration and allow for innovation and to avoid the artistic and mental life pressures of nature and the surrounding environment around them, planning and integrating into the work environment by focusing on practical application and for talents.

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Nurturing of talents

Nurturing talents by providing a calm environment that suits the talented personality to help him create and innovate, guide them in multiple ways, provide them with knowledge and experiences, and provide them with the necessary tools they need to implement their talent properly.

it is to provide a calm environment that suits the personality of the talented person to help him in creativity and innovation, to guide them in multiple ways, to provide them with the knowledge, expertise and the necessary tools that they need to implement their talents properly by building a partnership and cooperation with governmental and private institutions that support the talents. Through intellectual protection and marketing of talents using multiple media, holding various exhibitions for talented people, displaying their innovations and inventions, preparing additional enrichment programs that satisfy their needs and commensurate with their abilities, and contribute to the development of their thinking skills. Preparing focused tests in the specific field of talent in order to identify the most important cognitive and technical developments they have, and develop their talent by developing their outlook using the method of motivation and encouragement for innovation and renewal.